Unless the LORD builds the house,
they labour in vain who build it. Ps127:1

"... this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." Mat24:14

GOD is fulfilling
His own word, in that,
no Internet patent exists, as it was
developed by gov't, universities, and individuals
as they took concept, into protocol, into data flow, for the
initial, vastly flawed system that must be perfected by GOD's people,
as the LORD works His gift for His gospel and the benefit of humankind globally.
All Inspired Companies are subsidiaries of Christian Community Companies Inc.,
and fund Christian Community Churches Inc. with 50% of R.O.I.
for arts, farms, medical, rehab, schools, etc.
[GOD's healthy, moral workers]
[GOD's mighty grace and mercy]
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Inspired Distributing
Eliminate +50% of Diesel Soot
Reduce friction, wear and tear in order to
Advance Machinery Longevity

Inspired IT Services
Anti-Hacker, Anti-Virus
Network Security Device

Inspired Network Marketing

Inspired Distributing
- Distributes Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment products
- Promotes Bodacion Technologies'
    Hydra Internet Security System
   •Full Value Products, Corporate Leadership, and Responsible Manufacturing,
     note information to GE Transportation Systems, Caterpillar, Timken and others:
   •Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Product Information Packet:
      HTML version / Printable version
   •Full Value I.T. Products, Corporate Leadership, and Responsible Producers
     note information to Accenture, Bank One, Dow Jones/WSJ, H&R Block and others:
   •Full Security for Web Users    Flawless IT code/ Never requiring patches
   •Portraits of Evil IT,  IT Plagues,  Microsoft Philosophy and Theft
   •Turn the Internet from a toy into a professional marketplace tool

Inspired IT Services

Inspired Network Marketing
GOD's Free-Market Principles
GOD's kingdom principles, His free-market principles, His business plan
includes rudimentary gleaning-scavenging to support self and ministry.
GOD, for 21 years, provided-sourced CCCInc. work thru menial tasks,
simple bartering and gleaning in the affluent-careless-wasteful USA.
GOD measured our personal receipts according to our obedient faith
and specific needs for His ministry work, not our desires-wants.
GOD, consequently, taught extreme frugality, trusting Him alone for
a bed, food and clothing, while 100% rejecting church-gov't support.
GOD, for 21 years, taught-tested patience that all but one failed to work
Heb3:6-4:11 Jam2 etc., then His unlimited supply will flow, to the end.
GOD's true business-ministries comprise all fields of endeavour globally,
offering products and services to enhance life and peace in love Gal5:6.
GOD's directors and management must be qualified at Jn15 and Jn14
levels respectively thru His dictated Bible study-tests, annual and personal.
GOD's true business-ministries are described by Tom Sudyk
of EC Group International, Grand Rapids, Mich., in NYT Nov 14, 2005:

    ...a profit-oriented company centered around Christian values can be a powerful tool for building a Christian society. A job-creating, taxpaying enterprise, they say, will be more legitimate in the eyes of locals, harder for a government to expel and better for the resident economy than one propped up by handouts from back home.
    "The real power of the movement is that it's not donor-funded, it's basically globally funded," Mr. Sudyk said. "There's no restraint in the capacity of this system, be cause you avert the donor and plug into globalization."

GOD the Lord, Elohim, clearly addresses GOD the Son, Lord Jesus,
One GOD, Father-Son-Spirit,
as in Gen18:1-3 1Jn5:7,
so Jn10:30,
that Ps110 is our Almighty Lord working 1Pet4:17 Ps9 Ps11 Is19,
using His new Zion from 1984 and His new order from 2018,
His Obad17,18 Rev2:26,27,
to fulfil
GOD, thru CCCInc subsidiaries and corporate volunteers, will rule
a complex structure Is9:6,7 (Is1-12) for global Bible teaching,
per GOD's agenda and GOD's personal teaching,
then offer products and services Rev13:17 thru free markets,
as GOD effects Ps2 to benefit-prosper Bible believers only,
while giving all outsiders a chance to join His true flock,
per Acts17:23-31 Rom1:16-2:16.
GOD is effecting a copy of Is45 with CCCInc as John Galt
thru hundreds of CCCInc entities globally, Spirit ruled
to ensure GOD's marketplace principles apply globally,
all part of Lk21:27,
Ps102:13-22 Heb7:3; 12:1,22,23,
His true brethren Mat12:49,50 Heb2:11,17; 3:1.
GOD is effecting Mat24:14 thru His CCCInc corporate entities
to counter the false teachings of satan's church globally,
which led billions to death and hell due to human laziness
in not reading and heeding GOD's holy word to know truth,
hence billions failed GOD's grace and mercy,
while clearly warned
GOD, in Gen8, a new beginning, rested the ark Gen8:4, foundation, on
our Oct17, pointing to Lk2:7, Nov17, 02, another new beginning,
GOD the Christ began a 4x500yr Gentile outreach, on AD17 to Dec 2017,
fulfilling Lk21:24 Rom11:25, to formally begin Is23:15-17, on 2018.
GOD, on 1881, with 4 villages in Israel, began Amos9:11 Acts15:16 Rev3:7
in spirit,
then 6x17yrs later, on 1983, began calling His elders, Nov17-Mar21 is
4 mths 4 days,
to grow thru Rom6 into 7, into 8, into 8:29, into Heb7:3, into Is46:11.
GOD, in Jer31, formally began His new covenant, 8x17yrs after 1881,
Jer31:22 is 2x11, Jer31:31 equals His foundational work 1984-2015 and
His full judgement of the world 2037-2068,
along with Dan9:27 from 2000 to 2068, a total of 11x17yrs (5+6), as
GOD uses 11 (grace and judgement) thru His entire agenda, Gen to Rev.
GOD's formal dictated prayer on April 1984 began His 7 entities
in spirit,
using overcoming Bible faithful 1Jn5:4,20 2Cor10:4 thru 31yrs, as
GOD builds a complex corporate structure of hundreds of subsids.
to His global 7 entities as He inspires and rules Rev2:26,27.
GOD is calling the faithful to tap into His mind in order to
produce superior goods and services Micah7:15, being
complete, perfect grace.
GOD's 1st grace to man was food Gen1:29, the 1st need of workers,
so GOD is calling Amway to produce food to replenish mankind's
immune system, bringing our DNA closer to Gen1:26,27, to rid
us of 50%-75% of modern ills.
GOD will use Amway to establish Inspired Food Service Inc, a
non-profit, using His dictated Articles, etc, (not a 501c3) for
global farms of original foods (paleo), at source processing
into full menu, table-ready, packaging of cane-based bio material,
that will allow GOD to outreach His Bible lifestyles.
GOD will use Amway as a senior partner, with Walmart as
the global distributor and FedEx for all transport services needed,
as distribution outlets will eliminate private delivery as all participants
use their CCCInc-Amway ID code only-no names and addresses, to
attain maximum security of all.
GOD's prime reason for us, is to glorify Him, and existing life does the
opposite, so
GOD is changing minds and lives to counter satan's evil work in us,
all thru
GOD the Christ rule, promised and seen by few.
GOD, thru 35yrs has shown me a little, then clarified, as per Acts27,
to test my faith, patience, etc, as He did with Paul, Acts26:16 into
Acts27:10, then later Acts27:21-26,
qualified in 2Cor4:13,
GOD's Is23:15-17 outreach will fill His house Zech3 and 4 Rom9:28,
His final church Amos9:11 Acts15:16 Rev3:7 Lk14:23, with both
old and new seed of Jacob, His "lost" sheep of Israel (Jacob)
if they listen and respond to His inner tug-drawing-prod,
to be His work force in His 7 entities.
GOD's global work force will qualify thru His dictated Bible tests,
that His work force comply with His marketplace principles, and
must qualify annually to retain their employment and benefits,
thus allowing Christ to rule His 7 entities and all subsids.
and that all CCCInc participants retain their ID code.
GOD's IT systems and testings are to counter satan's church
and his hook in billions of false confessors 2Tim2 and 3,
returning some to Christ (Bill and Charlie) to join CCCInc
as worthy participants in His end time agenda, Jer31:31-34
along with Is59:21 Dan9:27.
GOD's new covenant is to raise Paul-type elders, to copy the past,
from 2020 Acts26:16 into and complete Acts26:18 2Pet3:9 that
GOD's final harvest continues 1Pet4:17 til mid week in 2034, being
9x17yrs from 1881, when Rev11 thru 20:6 begins, til 2037 Zech14,
to close His Jn15 level judgement, 3x666 plus AD36, 2034,
then 2parts Zech13:8 and the world are judged,
3x666 plus AD70, 2068, 11x17yrs, grace and judgement.
GOD, in Ex20:9 2 x testing into perfect and Deut5:13 grace with 6 and 7 for
complete judgement, declared 6 days to work, rarely done today, as
part of His basic 10, to help mold us into productivity, but the world
today is so lazy, we work 1/2 pace-half time and want full $, which
is cheating-stealing from GOD
and the marketplace,
a double whammy of sin against our soul,
fully earning GOD's wrath and damnation,
GOD's law continues to bring us to Christ and His just-rightness by faith,
proven faith, never by mouth alone, Gen-Rev, so GOD's word judges us
thru His dictated Bible tests to join and continue in His work force, hence
the idle rich are cursed, whereas,
the diligent, poor and needy see more grace from GOD, all thru Psalms.
GOD has some of us working 24/7, to retain our obedient faith status, from
Mat6:33 into Rom8 into 1Cor4 Acts18:3 2Cor9:9,10 to bear fruit worthy
of GOD's calling on our lives, as too many are communists in the heart,
worldly tools of satan, hindering true seekers of GOD 2Tim3 2Pet2, as
with Gen6, GOD is effecting rescue-judgement,
dividing the moral and immoral,
saving a few, disposing of all evil.
GOD, for 22mths or 2x11 grace and judgement, has effected a period of
Acts5:11, Apr2018-Feb2020, as a spirit work of Mat13, sowing
His seed directly to the world's conscience, but few hear-see
His immense mountain of grace,
working as in Ps78 Ps135, etc, to draw, call a moral flock to be
His moral believers for
His 7 entities,
GOD's Ps9:16 perfect 2 x new beginning or Is2 Is19:4 Is45
much harder Acts5:11 works, will effect deeper sowing of
His holy seed, to produce His desired work force, as GOD alone
Rom9:28 Ps127:1 Zech4:6,9 Heb8:2.
GOD is showing His moral believers the utter perversion thru
church, gov't, society is increasing and that GOD alone sees
the true potential in man's heart to meet His standards,
so GOD alone draws, calls, sanctifies His 3part assembly,
to be worthy of His holy name.
GOD alone made us and He alone knows our level of pain to
change us, the amount of inner and outer threshing needed
to change us from sinners to saints, 2Cor5:11 thru Job33,
to change us in order to copy Christ Heb5:7-9,
even fully into Mat19 Jn19.
GOD's process of drawing, calling, sanctifying is rarely taught,
as too few have learned from GOD Himself, the word's true
meaning, His spirit truth, learned thru great prayer-fasting,
rare level of submission to GOD, thru obedient faith, all
being a true, higher calling, not
of ourselves, but
of GOD alone.
GOD's true calling is after Acts2; 5:32; 15:7-11 into 1Pet1:22,23 also,
with pure (not yet sanctified)
hearts and souls,
that His word may stick and grow a few Eph4:15 1Jn2:20-28 into Him,
in order to learn of Him Is28:9-13 1Cor1 and 2.
GOD's few saints go thru more training and death to purify
their minds,
to fully obey GOD, as per Mat 22:37,
then GOD may call even fewer into His agapetos-beloved 2Pet3:1,
for deeper-higher teaching
1Cor3:1-11 1Cor4:15 2Cor6
as His 3rd level of saint Mat13:33 equals His fulness-image.
GOD's new Heb7:3 order are constantly (hourly) dying, thru
spirit-flesh training, to hear-know His voice, as GOD tests,
as in Acts21:10-14, thru blood, disgrace, pain,
in order to claim
"the mind of Christ" 1Cor2:16.
GOD's 1Cor2:16 refers to His 2nd act, Is11:11 second time, along
with 2x8 new beginning, as Christ-like minds work His 7 entities,
being His full partners at the Heb7:3 level for spirit-flesh 2Cor6,
in His Mic7:15 complete, perfect grace works,
thru His 7 entities and subsids,
GOD's new order of pure minds 2Pet3:1 are globally networked for
His latter days awesome works to witness His glory Rev18, thru
all emanating from
GOD's dictated 1984 prayer and His Aug 8, 2018 new thing Is42:9 to
begin Is19 10 testing and 3x3 perfect, 16 2x8 new beginning on Feb19.
GOD, in Exod4 foundation, sought to kill Moses, but His grace had
Zipporah save him Ex4:25 grace x grace, thru greater faith Jam2,
equally today,
GOD is raising women of faith into His 7 entities to serve Him,
hence the likes of Doris and Betsy,
to grow fully into Mat19 and Jn19 with Christ Is19:4, Is46:11
His falcons, to do His counsel.
GOD's end times agenda is of such magnitude that only the
3rd level saints, His falcons are worthy to stand with Jesus.
GOD, in Mat22 2x11 grace and judgement, shows His early and latter outreach,
inviting believers to His wedding, but the initial bidden were not worthy,
so GOD laid waste to their society, the temple in AD70, taking away
the stone, to move the remnant to worship in spirit, from the heart Jn4,
sending the sword after them Mat22:2-8.
GOD's initial outreach of His full gospel is seen in Acts, particularly in
Acts6 and 7 with 7:51 (3x17) complete testing in summary, with Acts7:60
showing Stephen's victory thru judgement, seeing GOD, as he copied
Christ Jesus forgiving in Lk23:34 (2x17), an essential act Mat6:14,15,
never taught in satan's church.
GOD's further initial outreach was direct and thru such as Paul, who
travelled widely, setting a clear example for any claiming a divine call,
going thru many hardships to prove his obedient faith in Christ Jesus,
thru a full 22 (2x11) yrs, to complete GOD's 25 yrs grace x grace of AD36-61,
to see GOD's word fulfilled in Acts28:27 complete-perfect.
GOD, in Mat22:9, is today, when "all" are bid Mat24:14 (2x7) to come, as
in Rev22:17, GOD, in 2020, having dozens of 1Jn3:6 globally, being
His true bride, living Rev3:4 Rev3:18 (1Pet1:7) Rev7:14 for global
outreach Col1:28,29, that a few enjoy Mat22:14, all others, are lost,
never taught by the church of satan Rev3:9.
GOD's true Jews live Jn4:22-24.
GOD's grace x grace upon Acts2-20, AD36-61, allowed Acts20:29,30 1Jn2:18,19,
thru Dan9:26, then came 2 Hebrew months, converted to years, as in Num14:34,
to make 26yrs, x 70 is 1820, plus 61 is 1881, the spirit start of Amos9:11,
then came 8 x 17yrs to Dec2017, to complete Dan9:26, to begin Dan9:27 covenant,
along with Is59:21 Jer31:31 into mid week 2034.
GOD used 1881 as a major agenda point for His work in-thru Is11:11,
in that 2 x 8yrs started Herzl's Zionist movement, new beginning, 1897,
then in 3 x 12yrs the British gov't, Arthur Balfour signed the B. Declaration,
then 3 x 17yrs, 1897-1948, came Is11:11, 31yrs after Balfour Declaration in 1917,
then secured them, 1948, 1967, 1973, grace x grace, to strengthen them.
GOD, in Is23:15-17, began His mighty grace, May2018 Is65:9 Rom11, etc,
to join Is22:20-22 Amos9:11-15 Acts15:16,17 Rev3:7; 16:19, His new Babylon,
His new Jerusalem, His new Zion, Jer51:7 Mic4:10 1Pet5:13 Zech4:9 Rom9:28
til 9 x 17yrs in 2034 to begin Rev11 for 33mths of Dan7; 8 troubles into 2037 for Rev18:4,
then 2037-2068 to finish man's history Rev19:21, 11 x 17yrs, 12 x 17,000yrs.
GOD clearly explains His agenda, His new way on His web site.
GOD clearly explains His 7 entities on His web sites.
GOD clearly explains His parousia-return on His web sites.
GOD clearly explains His Holy Bible truth Ps119 Is28:9-13 throughout,
tho too many are too lazy to pray, study, learn,
to simply obey GOD's holy word,
to grow to know Jesus Christ,
to grow into His holy body,
to be holy as He is holy
to live as He lived.
Inspired Companies are incorporated as subsidiaries of
GOD's 7 entities, CCCInc,
for the express purpose of furthering the global mission of Christian
Community Churches Inc.: a Christ-like organization for
teaching full Bible truth in all fields of peaceful endeavor, and
to network all other like-minded entities, and to supply
volunteers for arts, farms, medical, rehab., etc.,
Mat1:21; 5-7; 19 into 1Jn2:6; 3:6,9; 5:18,20.
GOD's entities, copy Christ Jesus, who came to serve,
Is52:13-53:12 Jn13:15,16,
that others may eat healthy food, live better, work honestly in
GOD's merit based free market, for just $, into spirit-flesh
prosperity Mat6:33 Rom14:17.
GOD had me learn, live, love, His kingdom principles, ways,
from 3/21/83 Rom12:1,2 1Cor4 2Cor4:11-7:1, penniless, selfless,
to prove worthy
GOD had me live under the sponsors of the Franciscan way, then
on 12/12/20 showed me a symbol, a broken broom, by a client's
brutal destruction, as satan's work thru church, gov't, etc,
to somewhat complete His 45 yrs of training, His Dec '75 slap,
into Dec '82 Jn14, into Mar '84 Jn15, onwards and up.
GOD has thousands at Jn14 learning to follow Christ
Jesus our Lord, Saviour,
GOD Almighty.
GOD, in Jn3:7, says MUST, rarely, if ever, taught, a basic need,
to follow Christ Jesus,
clearly taught how in 1Pet1:22,23 KJV, that some heed,
in order,
to hear, see, know, Him,
and for power,
Jn3:3 Jn14:15-23 Acts1:8 Acts5:32 1Jn2:3.
GOD then tests us, as He did Christ Jesus Lk4, to qualify,
into Mat10:5-15,
to learn how to copy Christ Jesus, to trust His supply
to obey thru all things,
til a few enter Christ Jesus.
GOD established CCCInc in Jan 1998, 50 yrs after Is11:11, to be
His 7 entities Prov9:1 Is4; 11:15 Zech3; 4 Mic4; 5 Rev1:4,20; 3:1
Rev4:5; 5:6 in heaven-on earth.
GOD began calling His elders in 1983, 6x17yrs after 1881, the spirit
start of Acts15:16 Rev3:7, His 3rd level saints Rom8:29 Tit1:2,
to qualify into Heb7:3 from May2019, then to Is9:7 Col2:9 in
May2020, the flesh start of Acts15:16.
GOD's elders are His prime directors over all CCCInc entities,
and subsidiaries, beginning with Doris, Alex, Melanie, John,
as GOD's 1st function of CCCInc is teaching Bible truth, to
counter satan's lies and myths.
GOD's other saints complete His directors into Rev2:26,27 to
fulfil Mic5:5 7+1 as in Gen6-8, to Ps2 Ps45 Ps110 Is19:4 Is45 Rev19:15,
ruling thru His global commerce system, with all at Rev13:17,
qualifying into COVID exempt with ID code.
GOD's CCCInc entities and subsidiaries must have a min. of
one Jn15 level director, with owners being at Jn14 level,
that Christ Jesus alone qualifies and truly rules, directly
and thru His Is9:7, His 7.
GOD's CCCInc entities and subsidiaries give 50% of GP-ROI
back to the parent company, to fund services by CCCInc, as
in education, health, arts, research, etc, to ensure all CCCInc
is self funded, totally private.
GOD will qualify His Bible believing moral stewards, to join
His CCCInc subsidiaries, as satan's church has corrupted too
many into filthy lifestyles, against GOD, His word, even
against common sense Ex20 Deut5 Rom1:16-2:16, hence
2billion false confessors sent to 2Pet2:4,9.
GOD will qualify His Bible believing moral stewards, who
copy His word 1Co4:1,2, yet most blaspheme GOD Ezek20
Mat12:31-37, as the Franciscans, denying GOD and promoting
gov't aid-satan's welfare, while fat and lazy, they waste tons
of GOD's food supply, evil stewards.
GOD will qualify His Bible believing moral stewards, who
copy His word 1Cor9:1-18 Acts18:3 1Cor4:10-13, having known
hunger pains and gleaning Franciscan waste for healthy food,
that we thank GOD for His abundance while our host sees
Deut28:45-48 Ruth2:7, into Is65:13.
GOD will qualify His Bible believing moral stewards, who
live Job2:10, ever forgiving hate and violence, as at
2715, from most staff and indecent clients, that we copy Christ
Jesus thru blood, disgrace and pain, into full overcoming 1Jn3:9; 5:4,
a rare gift from GOD, thru obedient faith.
thru Christ Jesus-GOD
GOD's instruments of justice, fire, water, wind, COVID, etc, are the
friends of His moral Bible believers, as GOD sorts, separates,
networks His true moral flock, while evil to GOD's enemies,
His haters, 70%-90% of humanity, the true meaning in
Is45:7 Rom8:28.
GOD is showing His moral flock how Moses saw both, from
Exod7:7 to Numb14:30,38 good came to few, bad to many,
all GOD's justice and sending His clear message to us today,
all based on Ex20 into Deut5 and Deut11:26 and Deut28,
into Rom1:16-2:16 1Tim1:5-11.
GOD's Acts5:11 justice is affecting millions, globally, seen
more and more by the moral Bible believers as GOD's work,
as GOD promised to repeat Is45 thru His rule, using
His commerce system Rev13:17, globally, CCCInc
7 entities.
GOD's work thru the cross of Christ, had Jesus die, that a few
would follow and join Him in the good, life eternal, calling Judas
"friend" Mat26:50, knowing GOD controls the outcome-faith
whereby, while living Ps22, Jesus heard, "You have ascended on high"
Ps68:18, then Jesus replied "You have answered Me" Ps22:21.
GOD, in these last days, is fulfilling Rev10:7,
by Jesus Christ,
GOD Almighty.
GOD, from 1960, had me live and work in 4 countries, plus
visiting many others, to fully expose me to free markets
and work style cultures, for the sole purpose of His teaching
me normal societies' lifestyles in the marketplace, moral
standards, Bible principles.
GOD has shown me the absolute filth thru most societies
today and the near impossible task of vetting employees,
except for
GOD's dictated Bible test, whereby He qualifies His work force.
GOD starts with basic decent humans who respond to Gen4:7,
to do well or work, to "rule over" or cease shortcomings,
to then build character, Eph3:16 for Bible believers,
if and as they respond to His prompts, nudges, slaps,
into a respectable worker, fit to employ.
GOD's true rehab, as in His new FOA, Salvation Army,
Victory, etc, begins with Ps119, daily study, to pass this test
within 3 months, to continue His program, No reruns,
everyone is given ample grace to make it, to change-repent,
to grow into a suitable employee.
GOD's funding thru CCCInc, directly and subsidiaries will
depend entirely upon operating according to His program,
GOD's Acts5:11 works will be obvious,
obey in faith Mat19.
GOD, this morning, had me in prayer, no food, listening-waiting
for His theme-subject, hours later... overcoming, true
overcoming starts with decency, from the heart Mat12:31-37,
as a verbal witness of your inner character Jam3, basic decency
is essential for GOD, to begin His work.
GOD has me locked up with COVID Rom2:9 types, who cannot cease
their foul talk, staff and clients, yet complain about being down,
rather then moral types, content, overcoming COVID by faith,
having GOD's inner comfort, as GOD's COVID tool sorts and separates,
the moral ones into His 7 entities.
GOD's word is clear, confessors 1Cor12:3 are not overcomers, nor
are 1Cor12:7-Jn14:21, overcoming, true overcoming is 1Cor12:12,
into 1Cor12:13 Rom6-8, spirit overcoming 1Jn3:9; 5:4 forever,
essentially Mat6:33 Rom14:17 here and now, treasures in heaven Eph2,
having qualified thru Heb11:1,6 into Heb12.
GOD constantly shows His moral Bible believers, how 70%-90%
of humanity wallows in filth, while His overcomers live Rom12,
abhor-hate evil, into Heb12:14, loving people, but separate 2Cor6,
copying Christ Jesus Heb7:26, in union with Mat12:50 Heb2:11,17; 3:1,
into full moral stewards,
singing the new song
"we have overcome,"
Christ Jesus GOD Almighty.
GOD's Acts5:11 works thru 10 months, Feb19 to Dec19, have tested
moral Bible believers into qualified to enter CCCInc Acts15:16
with His signs above Lk21:25, 3x7: grace x grace, as proof,
to begin 7 years, Dec2020 to 2027 of Lk14:23, Zech3;4 Rom9:28,
only the COVID fearless-exempt, not the Rom2:9,
not the immoral fearing COVID,
as GOD's Acts5:11 tools, like COVID, are our friends,
for His righteous work,
Is45:7 Rom8:28.
GOD's righteous justice work Is59, is ridding dead wood or
fit for nothings, from the vast immoral majority, globally,
useless humanity, in church, gov't, society, social debtors,
as Acts5:11 works to turn others,
to change, repent 2Pet3:9,
few have responded, sought GOD,
most ignore
GOD's immense mountain of grace.
GOD owns His creation, He loves all His works, giving us rules
to live by, expecting us to love, live, work, peacefully, but
we fail in the most basic ways, doing evil to ourselves and
to others, so GOD has every right to remove the poison from
His planet, to clean the filth away,
that the moral stewards remaining
may prosper.
GOD's outreach to the Hebrews or Jacob's seed, continues from Mat15:21,24
into Is23:15-17, 1948 plus 70 is May2018, then 31 mths to Dec2020, a code
from Jer31:31, as in 1984-2015 and 2037-2068, where by GOD's tools
are separating true Bible believers, to join CCCInc Acts15:16,17,
Is22:20-22 "GOD will establish" Rev3:7.
GOD's grace x grace, 36-61, allowed satan Acts20:29,30 to rule, plus
26yrs x 70 to 1881, then 2 x 8 new beginning to Herzl 1897, then 3 x 17
or 51yrs to 1948 Is11:11, GOD's grace after 39-45 judgement, with
ongoing grace '67 '73 to strengthen the new nation, grace x grace
or 25yrs 1948-1973.
GOD, in 2Sam7:12-16, promised David, His Son would sit on his throne,
then in Dan7:24 and Zech11:8 we see "3," meaning 3 thousand yrs or
60 jubilees 970BC - 2028, Lk1:32 Acts2:30, for Christ Jesus to rule
in full power Is9:7, effecting justice and judgement Is59 into
Dan2:40-44 with His gov't and Godhead
Is9:7 Rom1:20 Col2:9-14 Rev2:26,27
GOD's parousia is seen from Is 2800yrs ago, Jer 2700yrs ago, with
Ezek, Zech, Dan and Mic also, all breathed-dictated by GOD the
Word thru the Spirit to the human pen, word by word Ps12:6,
that GOD may teach Is28:9-13 true Bible believers Jn14:17
into 1Jn2:20-27,
that a few may grow into 1Jn3 and 5:18,20.
GOD is appointing Alexander Poole as President of all
Inspired Companies.
GOD will select His management teams to all
Inspired Companies,
using His dictated Bible tests for CEO-Director level
and mid management level.
GOD will qualify all other workers thru Bible tests on
Christian Corporate Concepts
web site.
GOD expects all Inspired Companies to prepare R and E
reports on the 14th of each month
to be published on their own
web site.
GOD's financial year begins May15 to May14.
GOD's Inspired Companies will incorporate in Delaware
using CCCInc Companies Articles
and Addendum.
GOD will guide all overseas development of all
Inspired Companies,
as we obey in faith,